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Edamame with sea salt or garlic butter and tempura flakes 4.29 / 5.29
Miso Soup soy bean broth with tofu, seaweed and scallions 4.29
Gyoza pork and vegetable dumplings with sweet spicy chili sauce 7.25
Fish Tacos assorted sauteed fish tossed with a citrus cabbage salad and topped with a jalapeno wasabi sauce 8.95
Calamari with a spicy masago ponzu sauce 8.95
Hamachi-Kama grilled yellow-tail collar served over mixed greens with a teriyaki or ponzu sauce and a salted crust 7.95
Green Lip Mussels dynamite sauce, masago, sesame seeds, sweet soy 8.95
Seafood Dynamite baked fish, aioli, masago, scallions, steamed rice, sweet soy 8.95
Kalbe Short Ribs marinated Kalbe Short ribs in a Korean style BBQ sauce 9.95


House Salad greens, cucumber, cherry tomato, red onion, ginger lemon vinaigrette 4.95
Seaweed Salad shredded agar, minced red pepper marinated in sesame seed oil 6.95
Squid Salad marinated squid over a spring mix with ponzu sauce 7.95
Sunomono Salad marinated cucumber over a spring mix and topped with a seafood medley 7.95
Caesar Salad romaine, tomato, sprouts, parmesan, crispy wonton, hai ceasar dressing 8.95

Add chicken, shrimp, or salmon 4.95


Pork Ramen
Choice of braised pork shoulder or hoisin glazed pork belly in savory pork broth with shishito peppers, shitake and enoki mushrooms, bok choy and a poached egg 10.95
Vegetable & Tofu Ramen Savory vegetable broth, hoisin glazed tofu, shishito peppers, shitake and enoki mushrooms, bok choy, bean sprouts. (optional poached egg) 8.95
Teriyaki Bowl grilled chicken or beef with sauteed vegetables over a bed of rice. chicken 7.95 / beef 8.95 / salmon 8.95
Tempura Udon Bowl tempura shrimp and vegetables served with udon noodles and broth 9.95
Yaki Soba free range Red Bird Farms chicken fried in a Japanese panko crust and topped with a secret homemade Asian Sauce 10.95
Asian Fried Chicken free range Red Bird Farms chicken fried in a Japanese panko crust and topped with a secret homemade Asian Sauce 9.95
Salmon Burger baby arugula, cherry tomato, red onion, citrus wasabi mayo 9.95
Hai Combo california roll, 1 piece of maguro, hamachi, shake, and ebi nigiri 9.95
Lunch Sashimi Combo 2 pieces of each maguro, shake, hamachi, and a california roll 9.95
Teka Don 6 pieces of maguro sashimi served over rice and vegetables 12.95
Unagi Bowl 6 pieces of sweet unagi sashimi served over rice and vegetables 12.95
Chirashi Don chef's choice 6 piece sashimi bowl with pickled Japanese vegetables served over seasonal rice 11.95


Mochi Ice Cream (2 pieces) strawberry, mango, vanilla, chocholate, red bean, or green tea 2.95
Chocholate Tort 4.95
Cheescake with a Strawberry and Mint Glaze 4.95
Green Tea Tempura Fried Ice Cream 4.95
Ice Cream choice of flavors: vanilla and green tea 2.95
Sorbet choice of flavors: raspberry and mango 2.95


House salad. Chef's choice appetizer and a 4-piece California roll 10.95

Quinoa, used to make our suchi items, contains soy.

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